Technical details

velcro closing tab
anatomical hood
outer shell
lining (inner shell)
hood string with stopper
collar string with stopper
collar velcro closing
zip tube
double-handle puller
2-way zipper
single-handle puller
down chambers

- anatomical hood - fitted hood, protecting the head against the chill. After tightening the cord, only the breathing slot is left.

- shells -breathable polyamide fabric. Manufactured on the base of high-durability sort of nylon 6.6, is characterised by the low weight equal 54g/m2. Besides the minimisation of the sleeping bag's weight it causes making better use of the down loft. Pertex fabrics are exceptionally thick-weaved, what can be shown by the fact that there are 4000 fibres on each sq. cm, what makes it windproof. The fabric undergoes the calendering process, thanks to which the fabric's surface is additionally smoothed, what gives the full downproofness. Finishing of the fabrics provides greatly increased splash-proofness comparing to the normal micro-fibre materials. Pertex fabrics have amazing breathing features - the steam arising because of perspiration penetrates outside and does not condense in the air-down chambers. Micro-fibre structure of Pertex fabrics, combined with the Teflon impregnation provides the protection against the fine rain. For its ability of quick, capillary water dissipating onto the big areas, products made of Pertex fabrics are characterised by the short drying time.

- hood string - a cord with a stopper which lets us to fit flat hood into the head or, in the anatomical hood, increase or decrease its tightness, according to the weather conditions.

- collar - down filled "tube" inside the sleeping bag wrapping the neck of the user, fastened on a side with a velcro and tightened with the elastic cord with a stopper. Holds the warm air inside the sleeping bag, limiting the heat exchange with the environment, what increases the comfort and safety of the user. For the user's convenience, Velcro has hooks' protection, which prevents clothing from sticking when the collar is opened.

- collar string - elastic cord with stopper enabling tightening the collar around the user's neck.

- collar velcro closing - enables fastening the collar in order to seal it. For the user's convenience, Velcro has hooks' protection, which prevents clothing from sticking when the collar is opened.

- zip tube - a down or synthetic fibre-filled tube running along the zip. It has two tasks:

  1. reduces the heat exchange through the zip improving the user's comfort and safety.
  2. protects the puller of the zipper against cutting into material, thanks to fitting it with the internal stiffing and several seams fixing it.

- velcro closing tab - additional zip protection against the self-opening, what improves the comfort and safety of the user. It also enables the user to poke out an arm, after partial unzipping and fastening the tab on his shoulder in sitting position.

- 2-way zipper - reliable, non-failing nylon coil YKK zip with the auto blocking system, double-handle main puller and single bottom one. Double-handle upper puller enables manipulating the zip without the need of poking a hand out of the sleeping bag. Bottom puller enables temperature regulation. The zipper can be located on right, or left side of the sleeping bag, which enables coupling of two sleeping bags together.

- down chambers - internal construction of a sleeping bag is characterised by a large number of chambers filled with down. They have different shapes depending on the model and location. A large number of chambers limits a danger of down leak if a shell tear occures. The chambers are divided with mesh baffles, limiting the heat leaking through the seams, what increases the comfort and safety of the user. The chambers also fix a sleeping bag loft.

- down filling - our products are filled only with top quality natural Polish 100% goose down, fill power 750 cuin, or (in economy versions) 100% duck down, fill power 600 cuin. Our lightest bags and bags in extra version (on client's request) are filled with best Polish 100% goose down, fill power 850 cuin. We use European standard for fill power marking. We do not use so called "eurodown" (a mix of goose and duck down) in standard, however it is available for order. We do not use down taken from living birds.

- baffles - open-work sides of down chambers, limiting the heat leaking through the seams

- hangers - handles in the sleeping bag's feet making it possible to hang it in the unfolded state in order to air or store it.



H         Straight mesh baffles between the shells, around or with the side baffles.

Box         Straight mesh baffles between the shells, in two directions, with the side baffles.

Z         Slant, paralell mesh baffles between the shells.

V         Slant, triangular mesh baffles between the shells.

Double H         Two layers with the straight mesh baffles between the shells (with a thin interlining fabric).

     X         Quilted shells

  Double X         Two layers of quilted shells

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