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ROBERT'S OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT specialises in production of down filled wear and down sleeping bags filled with natural down, goose down or duck down. Our products are: down jackets, down vests, down trousers, down overalls, down suits, down coats, down boots and down gloves as well as professional down sleeping bags - for summer and winter, oneseason and multiseason, tourist, outdoor and climbing, trekking and expedition, Himalayan and polar, hunting, survival and army. Our down clothing is manufactured in such a way to meet different weather conditions - expedition down filled jacket Arcturus or down vest Kastor are the products that have been proving their worth for many years. Our down filled equipment is of highest quality - expedition down filled sleeping bag Everest or (polar and himalayan) down filled overalls Yeti are the best examples of it.
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The offer of ROBERT'S OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT is very flexible. You can choose and order the product that is most suitable for you and of the best version for you. You can choose size, colour, material (type of fabric and kind of down), workmanship (length, width, side of a zipper, additional pockets and additional or special covers).

  1. A good down filled product should be cut especially for you, generously enough but without extra space. ROBERT'S OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT offers models in a number of lengths and widths.
  2. You like the model but you would prefer it warmer. No problem. From ROBERT'S OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT you can obtain each each model of sleeping bag for three or more temperature ranges (or three or more versions of fill weight).
  3. You can choose not only the proper size and warmth of ordered goods but also your favourite colour or colour combination (ask for currently available colours).
  4. All themodels of sleeping bags can be obtained with a zip on either left or on the right hand side. Sleeping bags with special zips on opposite sides could be coupled together.
  5. Apart from the summer models all the sleeping bags are offered with differential cutting, anatomically cut hood and draft collar in the neck. All the models with zip tube.


ROBERT'S OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT undertakes realising of special orders. We can make our down filled products of unusual sizes and weights using different kinds of down and fabric. We can fulfil requirements for most complicated sandwich constructions with enlarged number of baffles for special purposes. We work using our own designs and materials but we also accept designs and materials of our clients.


Very comfortable, persitent and durable, down proof and breathable fabrics from proven suppliers. Uncompromisingly tough Gütermann thread. Trouble-free YKK zips. Brand new quality 100% white goose down from the north-east of Poland mixed in at least 90/10 proportion and of fill power 750 cuin/oz as standard (and in versions extra - 97/3 and 850 cuin - according EN standard). All of them make our products light and compact.


Each of our products has its own identification number and is individually controlled during and after production process. All the seems controlling down at least double. All thread ends are bound or finished in a way that makes unstitching impossible. Places exposed to intense tightening are reinforced in the internal construction. Our special construction of seams lessens the risk of threadbare. The quality of down is also our great concern. Unless requested differently in an order we use high quality 100% goose down from gees living in their natural environment. We do not use so called "eurodown", a mix of goose and duck down. We do not use down taken from living birds. After machine sorting and cleaning our down undergoes one more careful hand sorting.

ROBERT'S OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT has over 25 years long experienceof its own in constructing, producing and using of the down equipment in many parts of our globe. We take advantage of the experience gained from the many expeditions into the highest mountains and the coldest places of the world, from the Mt. Everest to the South Pole. Our targets are functionality, quality and quality and quality. We continuously develop our technology to design and make our down filled products that will always satisfy their users.
We kindly ask You, Dear Users, for Your comments of our down equipment.

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